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Hi, I'm rachel..

Born into a family who is crazy about music, all types of music. Jazz, classical, pop, bluegrass, country and whatever other weird and wonderful eclectic styles there are to be shared.  My days and weekends were filled with music, whether it was watching my mum Dance around the kitchen singing to Edith Piaf or following my dad from gig to gig on the weekends until I could no longer keep my eyes open. 

Let’s face it, brain surgery was not going to be “my calling.” 

My friend's joke that I was brainwashed into playing music. If that’s the case, I’m happy to be brainwashed every day. 

I played my first wedding for a friend of our family at the age of 15. I was nervous as heck. A bride was about to walk down the aisle to the Music that I played. To me, this was potentially the biggest moment of her life. I couldn’t mess this up, and thankfully I didn’t. I can’t describe how good it felt afterwards and I haven’t looked back since. 

Over 15 years on and here I am still doing the thing that I love most, still feeling that same buzz after every wedding and I get to call this my job? Thank goodness I turned down that interview for brain surgery.


Some of my main musical inspirations include: 


Favourite Album:

Favourite Song:

Outside Of Music..

When I am not strumming a guitar, pressing keys on a piano or singing into a microphone, I love to....